Who is behind Gregory Made Photography, LLC?

My name is Laura, and I am both head photographer and owner. My journey with a camera started quite early. As a traveling Army brat, I was quick to learn that pictures of places visited and people met were far better souvenirs than anything else money could buy. 

My path in life took me down a rather traditional road - college, marriage, and children. Again, I quickly learned. This time it was learning that parenthood would be its very own journey, worth documenting just like my travels. Then, after losing my Mother to breast cancer, capturing the moments became all the more important. My most prized possessions became the pictures that helped keep my Mother's memory alive. Those images are how my own children would come to know her and the amazing woman she was. That's the thing about photography, it's as close to memory preservation as we can come.

As my monthly expenses for film gradually exceeded the grocery bills, it grew time to enroll in photography classes at our local college to see if this could be something more than a hobby. My time in the dark room (yes, I learned with film) became far more enchanting than my day job. So, after years of night and weekend classes and side jobs, my photography business was born. 

Life experience continues to teach me that every moment deserves to be celebrated and every memory deserves to be cherished. It is so important to find the good in life, to help create the good in life, to remember the good in life, and to live with gratitude along the way.

This is the philosophy that I want to shine through in both my work and my client relationships. My passion for life, combined with my photography experience and my conscientious nature, helps me tell each client's unique story - no matter what the occasion. 

Whether you are looking for a portrait session, celebrating a wedding or other occasion, or have a need for photography for you or your business, reach out to me. Let's go out and play and create something incredible together!

I am excited to meet you,